Answering these two major questions will help you determine if you are visible and credible and if you are doing what you can to make yourself more visible and credible.

  1. Searching.jpgIf a client, potential client, or referral source does a search for your area of law and your geographic area will they find you on the first page of Google?
  2. How many places are you putting content you create?

Let me give you a personal example of my answer to the second question. After Enron and Worldcom, the Department of Justice began a more rigorous investigation into the construction industry. I began writing articles about the importance of compliance and ethics.

Hear Me Now was one of the many articles I wrote on ethics for contractors. The articles led to speaking opportunities around the country, including my Corporate Ethics What Every Contractor Should Know – Presentation at a statewide Florida Construction Conference. Speaking live at construction industry conferences led to an Associated General Contractors Webinar: Stay in Business!Protect/Defend Against False Claims, Antitrust and Other Serious Allegations.

These three links are only a handful of those that existed at the time I did the articles and presentations. But, I hope they will give you an idea of how you can repurpose your content so it can be found in many places.