What makes you unique? What makes you different? Have you figured out how to take advantage of it? Are you using it to help define your target market?

It could be that you speak a foreign language. I coached a lawyer whose first language is English, but he likely speaks French more often since he practices law in Montreal.

Speaking English and French in Montreal would not differentiate any lawyer. But, the lawyer I coach also speaks German. In fact his children are enrolled in a German speaking school. That differentiates this lawyer.

It could be you worked in an industry before you went to law school. A lawyer I coached many years ago worked in banks for several years and then went to law school. Her practice focused on banking. So, her work experience differentiated her.

One of the best lawyers who ever worked with me had grown up and ultimately ran his family’s highway construction business before he came to work for me and before he went to law school. His construction knowledge and his construction business experience differentiated him and still enables him to attract business today.

It could be that you worked for a government agency or worked on the hill. That experience differentiates you. I coached a lawyer who worked in a specific government agency and now appears before that agency on behalf of clients. She knows what is expected in hearings before that agency and that knowledge sets her apart.

It could be that you are a CPA or you have an LLM in tax.

It could be that you are a woman and your law specialty or the industry you are serving is dominated by men.

You get the idea. The point is simply to take advantage of anything that differentiates you from other lawyers.