Do you ever find yourself wondering why a client hired a competitor and not you? Several months ago I read a Seth Godin blog titled: The sales you don’t make in which he describes the importance of figuring out why people leave your store, throw out your brochure or leave your website.

In law there are two reasons your potential target clients don’t hire you. The first is they know who you are and they have decided to use another lawyer. The second is they do not know who you are or what you do. It is easier to attract the second group of potential clients than it is to get the first group to change their mind. But, as Seth Godin wrote in his blog, it is very valuable for you to understand why that first group did not hire you.

Have you ever tried to figure out why potential clients who know who you are use other lawyers and firms? Is it because they have relationships with those lawyers? Is it because they think you are too expensive? Whatever the reason, it is worth trying to find out, so you can better position yourself in the future.

Take the client representative to lunch and ask for his or her candid feedback. You may get a response that is not comforting, but it will very valuable to your future.