I am frequently asked that question.

What if I don’t like marketing?

My response is usually to say:

Tell me what you consider to be marketing.

You see, I didn’t like marketing either, if marketing was:

  1. Going to networking events
  2. Participating in Rotary Club (I was voluntold I had to to that)
  3. Being active in the Bar Association
  4. Taking relative strangers to lunch, or worse to dinner (when I far preferred to be home with my family)
  5. Going to pro sports games with people I barely knew
  6. Playing golf with people I barely knew

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So, to the extent possible I did as little of those things as possible. What marketing did I do?

  1. I wrote articles
  2. I gave presentations
  3. I did in-house workshops for clients
  4. I spent quality time including vacations with clients who were also friends

So, what’s my point? Many lawyers who tell me they do not like marketing are really saying they don’t like the marketing they have been told to do.

What do you enjoy doing that just may bring in business as well.