Do you remember, or if you are younger, have you ever heard Barbara Mandrell’s song: I Was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool? I found a video clip from a 1981 concert. (I have to confess, I was surprised that the concert was 32 years ago.)

When that song was popular, I decided that I always wanted to be “first to market” using the latest technology to provide more value to my clients. In previous blog posts I have written about the videos I created when VHS first became popular. If you are a long time reader you might recall my post: Get to the Edges. I wrote it in 2009, but the points I made are still valid today.

Let me share a story of a lawyer who was “country when country wasn’t cool and got to the edges by creating the first blog for her industry based practice.

Shortly after she created the blog in 2007, she sent me this email:

One thing I learned through my coaching sessions with you is that it is important to share some of my knowledge with the industry  sector – for free. Before beginning the coaching program, I was very reluctant to spend any time writing articles or “giving away” information without billing for it. My rationale was that spending time on such efforts would only hurt by bottom-line-billable-hour and, therefore, was a waste. You encouraged me to think differently about the benefits of building my profile and network of contacts through writing and sharing information with the “public.”

One of the steps I took to begin sharing some of my knowledge was to begin a blog. My blog gave me the opportunity to timely post industry developments, my views, and tips regarding industry regulatory issues. The Blog has resulted in many tangible benefits. First, my current contacts, clients and colleagues have given me positive feedback.

More importantly, the Blog has generated a lot of discussion by potential clients and referral sources. As a result of the high volume of hits to my blog, I have received  inquiries every week from potential clients and other individuals working in my clients’ industry. As an example, I was hired by the state industry association to teach regulatory compliance to its members, after one of the industry consultants found my blog.

This lawyer started her blog in 2007, before other lawyers representing her industry based clients were blogging. Today her blog is likely one of many focused on her industry practice. Yet, I am sure she still has the advantage of creating the first law blog for her industry based clients.

I am confident there are many blogs in  your practice area. So, how what can you do now to be “Country when country wasn’t cool?”  What can you do now to be “first to market?”

I regularly read Selling Power magazine. A recent issue included an article: Together for the Better. It is worth reading, especially the discussion video-on-demand. Here is a quote:

The preferred medium is video-on-demand on mobile devices. They don’t want an appointment. They want to look at content whenever they want on iPads, smartphones, and tablets.

The writer recommends Brainshark as a platform for easily and inexpensively creating video-on-demand for mobile devices.