I have coached over 1000 young (and some not so young) lawyers. Many of those lawyers tell me:

Cordell, I didn’t go to law school to become a salesman.

Or, another way they put the same idea:

Cordell, I am uncomfortable selling.

Here is good news that I share with them.

You do not have to be a salesman and you do not have to sell to get clients. I never did it.

If not selling, then what?

Salesman Negative

You can interact with a potential client without an invitation by giving away something they would find valuable. It could be a book, article, memo or blog post you have written, or it could be a presentation or webinar you have given on a topic the potential client would find valuable.

I remember a few years ago the federal regulations on a topic of particular interest to the construction industry changed. It started with a “Notice of Proposed Regulations.” When they were issued I drafted three guides for different audiences that would be impacted by the rule change.

Before the ink was dry on the final regulations, I sent the guides I had revised to take into account the changes in the final rule to clients and contractor association executives.

Note: I did not do it by a “blast email.” I personally wrote each email. Many of the construction association executives published my guide and suggestions in their newsletters.

So, if you are like me and are uncomfortable selling potential clients, give them the opportunity to evaluate you by staying on top of what might impact them, and providing them with something valuable they can use to deal with the issue.