Have you ever hosted a client who afterwards thought he or she had just experienced a once in a lifetime experience?

I wasn’t sure I would ever say that about a dinner with one of my friends, but I now I know I will never forget a dinner he and his wife hosted for Nancy and me. If you can ever pull something off to compare with it, I urge you to give it a try.

I was coaching lawyers in a Florida city, which was also the home of one of my largest clients and several friends who worked for the company.

I contacted my friend to tell him I would be in town and he suggested I bring Nancy and get together with he and his wife. Here’s the email I received.


I hope all is well with you! We are looking forward to seeing Nancy and you for dinner on. We want to host you in our home for dinner and our Chef will serve a 5 course dinner for us! Are their any foods that Nancy and you are allergic to?

By hosting you in our home, we will have a relaxed atmosphere and the dress code is casual, laid back and comfortable. Generally Jeans are our normal. By the way, our Chef is 5-Star and he has cooked for us for over 10 years!

We are really looking forward to seeing both of you and catching up!

We live in a gated community and I will leave you name at the gate.

Please let me know where you are staying and I will arrange for a car service to pick you up.

Drinks @6:30 and dinner @ 7, if that’s ok?

Indeed the chef who served us was 5-star and each course was unique. I wish I could remember what was in each course, but maybe the photos I took with my phone will give you the idea.

First Course You can see the large shrimp:


Second Course Watermelon on the bottom:


Third Course This one was to clean the palate:


Fourth Course Main Course was Sea Bass:


Last Course Dessert:


I’m positive this dinner including wine and the car service which picked us up and took us back to our hotel cost a multiple of what it would have cost to simply take us for dinner at a restaurant.

Yet, I promise you we will never forget our experience that night and we’ve told well over 100 people about it and now I’ve told several hundred readers and social media contacts.