As you may know, I have several group telephone client development coaching programs going on this year. In October, we focused on client service.

I share with lawyers I coach, and with blog readers, that I learn more about client service from how other industries serve their clients or customers. I have written several times about Ritz Carlton because in my mind they are the best in their business. You can find several Ritz Carlton stories in my Client Service iBook.

In October I was scheduled to spend two nights at the Philadelphia Ritz Carlton

About a week before my stay I received an email from Amy, the Guest Relations Coordinator.

The title of the email was:

Personalize your upcoming stay

Warm greetings from The Ritz-Carlton , Philadelphia.

Thank you for choosing our hotel for your upcoming stay. In anticipation of your arrival, I would like to offer my assistance with preparing every detail of your accommodation. From coordinating your arrival time and dining reservations needs to scheduling laundry service or transportation needs, I am here to ensure all arrangements are addressed with the utmost detail.

The details I have for your reservation are as follows…

Kindly address any of your requests to my email … or direct phone at xxx-xxx-xxxx so I may attend to all details.

We look forward to hosting you during your time in Philadelphia.

Warm Regards,

Since Amy asked for my requests, I replied that I had stayed at the Philadelphia Ritz Carlton many, many times and I have certain rooms that work for me best. I mentioned the numbers of those rooms and said I prefer one of the higher floors. I also sent her a link to a blog post: I Want to Be Like Bill Richardson, Jr., one of my favorite employees  at that hotel.

When I arrived at the hotel, there was a note in my reservation from Amy and the front desk checked me in to one of the rooms I had requested. I have never met Amy in person, but I know when I stay at the Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia, she is looking out for me.

One final note about the Philadelphia Ritz Carlton: A few years ago, the hotel made a mistake and somehow my profile mentioned that I was allergic to feathers. When I arrived in my room, I did not have the pillows I like or the comforter that I like.

After my first night, I mentioned this to the front desk. When I arrived back at my room that day, my favorite pillows and comforter were on the bed. But, that is not all. A hotel manager had called my trusty assistant Joyce to find out what I enjoy when traveling. Her first thought was Starbucks coffee. So when I arrived back that afternoon, I had a basket of Starbucks coffee and a variety of other things from Starbucks.

Just curious, when was the last time you asked your client what special requests you can provide for them? When was the last time client service was a topic at a firm meeting?