I won’t share with you the exact number of people reading my blog posts, or the exact number of lawyers on my Facebook coaching page, or the exact number of people following me on Twitter. Let’s just say it is in the hundreds and not thousands. Are you in the same situation with your blog posts?

How many of you have heard of Lauren Luke? I had never heard of her until I read John Sviokla’s February 21, blog post Customer Service 2.0: Transparency, Tribes, and Talent. Here is what John shared with his readers about Lauren Luke.

Lauren Luke is a worldwide make up star. Who is Lauren Luke you ask?  She has over 300,000 subscribers, for her YouTube video tutorials on makeup. She has a personality and approach which sings on the small screen, and the YouTube format. The formal star making machinery of any cosmetics company would never even find this woman because she is not famous, gorgeous, nor does she fit the cosmetic model, or spokesperson stereotype. But, she is one of the most well known make up artists in the world.

After reading this and clicking on the YouTube video tutorial page, I just had to learn more. So I did a Google Search. One of the first pages I read was a CBS News story The Self-Made Makeup Maven Of YouTube. If you read the story you will find that two years ago she was working evenings as a telephone dispatcher for a cab company. She started her rise to fame by posting tutorials on makeup application on YouTube.

The article concludes with this: 

The interactions with her fans on YouTube, on her Web site and via Facebook and Twitter clearly mean a great deal to her and despite her seemingly imminent global domination, Lauren Luke has never had a master plan. 

Ok, I realize that your law practice is not the same as Lauren’s makeup tips, but there are a couple of strong parallels. First, she has gained fame by not selling, but rather by using social media to teach. Second, the content she is putting on social media is greatly valued. Third, her valuable content is spreading by word of mouth. If you create content that clients, potential clients and referral sources find valuable and you use social media to get it out to an audience that is truly interested in it, they will tell others about it and your content will more likely be found when someone does a Google search.