Are any of your clients and potential clients reading your blog? To get your clients and potential clients to read your blog, your topic must be one they care about. But, I contend it takes more than that. Your headline must capture their attention or they will not read further.

Take a look at: 10 Guidelines for Writing Engaging Posts. At the very top I found this quote:

On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar. — David Ogilvy

Then read: Huge List of 150 Compelling Headlines for Your Blog.

I sent this post to several bloggers I have coached. Jeff Polsky who writes the California Employment Law blog shared with me and his fellow bloggers his experience with headlines:

I took this advice, some of which was echoed in a Seth Godin blog you tweeted about, and got an amazing result. Lexology sends us alerts when a post they pick up is particularly well read. They also tell you how many people read the post they republish. Before, the posts the best-read post they notified me about had around 430 readers. Today I got a notification that a post entitled “7 Important Tips for Writing Up Employees” had 635 readers.

Then, Christina Stoneburner who writes Employment Discrimination Report shared this story:

I agree with Jeff. I decided to do a tongue-in-cheek headline for a case involving the refusal to allow a service animal, which happened to be a miniature horse . The title was “So A Man with a Horse Walks Into a Bar….” That blog got 1048 hits. Thank you for making me get out of my comfort zone and not “write like I was writing a legal brief.”

Reading these posts and hearing about Jeff’ and Christina’s experience made me wonder:

  1. Have studied what kind of headlines attracts your clients and potential clients?
  2. How much time you are you spending on your headline vs the the substance of your blog post?