A few years ago one of my clients recommended I read Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles’ book “Raving Fans.” I read it and thought it was a great book on client service. So, I bought dozens of copies and sent them to clients and sent them to the Jenkens & Gilchrist office administrators. Some of our offices developed “Raving Fans” programs in their offices. Staff members each read the book and brainstormed how they could better serve our lawyers and clients and make each group “Raving Fans.” Then our offices started giving awards to members of the staff who had provided the most extraordinary client service. Then we created a firm wide award that we called the “Henry Gilchrist Award.” Our awards usually centered on a fabulous vacation to a place our staff members might not visit on their own.
Why does any of this make sense? When we give our staff an opportunity to create “Raving Fans” service ideas, they realize that what they do is important to our firm success. It was amazing to see the energy generated by this program. By the way, Blanchard and Bowles realized this also. The next book they co-authored was “Gung Ho.” In order to have clients who are “Raving Fans,” you must have “Gung Ho” folks providing the service.
I often thought we should recognize associates in the same way. Having associates who are “Gung Ho” will help us make our clients “Raving Fans.”
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