Nancy and I celebrated our 41st anniversary on Monday. So, I am taking a couple of days off from blogging.

My guest blogger today is Keith McMurdy, a partner with Fox Rothschild LLC. In his post today, Keith starts with “why” when trying to connect with clients.

Keith Mcmurdy.jpgI recently read the book Start with Why by Simon Sinek and it struck me that maybe I had not been paying as much attention to Cordell’s insights as I should have.  One of the things I took from Simon’s book is that to be a good developer of business, you have to reach an emotional component with the other person.  It is not enough to say “I am a good lawyer with this much experience and my rates are reasonable.”  They can get that from a variety of other good lawyers.  I should start with an explanation of why I do what I do and why I want to do it for them.

I am an employee benefits attorney and I do what I do because I believe that my clients should never go to bed at night wondering if their employee benefits plans are in compliance.  I want to communicate to them that my job is to worry, not theirs.  My goal is for them to feel confident that they don’t have to have stress about their employee benefits issues because they have someone who is looking out for them and who wants them to be stress-free on these issues.

So why me?  Because I make it my job to make sure you don’t have to wonder if your employee benefits attorney really cares about making your life easier.

A few weeks ago Keith took time to record and share Keith McMurdy What He Got Out of the Coaching Program . If you listen to the recording you will have an idea why Keith does well with his client development efforts.