I recently wrote 20 Essential Client Development Skills Every Associate Should Be Learning. The first skill on my list was:

  1. Develop good habits-Over the years, the habits you develop will become your activities and your activities will determine your level of success.

A lawyer I coach asked me for more details on how to develop good habits. That was a great question.

Recently I read a blog: 5 Scientific Ways to Build Habits That Stick. Like many things, it got my attention because it confirmed what I tell lawyers I coach about how to develop habits.  I will take each of the 5 and share with you how you can implement the suggestion in your legal career.

  1. Make “micro quotas” and “macro goals” -Think big and define what success will be for you at the beginning of 2019. Then create a plan for this year, this month, this week. See my post: Law Firm Associates: My Thoughts on Preparing Your 2014 Plan.
  2. Create behavior chains – I believe the way to do this is just as suggested: “if-then” planning. When I practiced law “if” it was Saturday or Sunday morning, “then” I was up early working on my client development writing.
  3. Eliminate excessive options -Focus, focus, focus
  4. Process plan (but don’t fantasize) It is better to visualize the activities you will do that will lead you to becoming a rainmaker than it is to visualize being a rainmaker.
  5. Eliminate “ah-screw-its” -Patience, persistence, perseverance and grit are necessary to keep with it when you are not getting immediate results.

I hope this list answers the lawyer’s question on how to develop client development habits.