When I was growing up I played baseball just about every day in the summer. I remember going with the neighborhood guys to the local park with my glove, bat, ball and lunch. We played ball each day until dinner.

I continued playing baseball in high school and through my sophomore year in college. I haven’t swung a baseball bat in probably 30 years or more. Yet, if I went to a batting cage today, I could swing without giving any thought to technique. I probably would find hitting the ball challenging, but I would swing naturally.

When asked, almost every lawyer I have coached wishes he or she had started learning and practicing client development earlier in his or her career. Lawyers who start learning and practicing client development activities early in their career make client development a habit and part of what they do each and every day. They don’t think about technique.

This is one of the many reasons your firm should begin client development training for your young lawyers early in their careers. The earlier they start and the more opportunities they have to practice what they are learning, the more likely it will become natural to them.

I plan to do a Webinar on client development for senior associates on March 1, at Noon CST. If you, or your firm is interested in participating, contact jflo@cordellparvin.com to learn more and sign up.