For the next few Fridays, or until I run out, I want to respond to questions I receive from lawyers. Recently I was asked:

Did you ever ask potential clients for business?

I spent my entire career without asking for business. Clients do not like to be sold and they do not want to hire a lawyer who appears to be “needy or greedy.” ¬†They hate needing to hire a lawyer. But, when they have to hire a lawyer, they want to initiate the hiring process.

Clients have access to many, many lawyers and receive more information from lawyers than they want or need. So, to be considered you must become visible and credible, not only to the potential clients, but also to referral sources who will recommend you. You have to be able to accomplish this through all the noise that is in the marketplace.

I did it by writing in construction industry publications and speaking at construction industry meetings. In essence, the construction industry publications and associations “vouched” for me so my writing and speaking got through the noise.

Who can “vouch” for you?

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