I have decided each Friday to share with you the blog posts I have been reading over the last week. As you will see most of them are not written specifically for lawyers, but the content is valuable for lawyers. You will also see that it takes hardly any time to read them. The more important time you spend is reflecting on how you can use the points in your own practice. So start by reading Is Reading Blog Posts Worth Your Time?

If you or your firm is blogging, you have to read Chris Brogan’s Build Ecosystems for Your Content 

If you want to learn more about client service read Los Angeles lawyer Staci Riordan blog Puttin on the Ritz She shares a story about the service she received at the Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia.

If you want to learn more about social media read 10 Ways to Leverage Social Media

If you are blogging and trying to get your blog retweeted, read 13 Ways to Get Your Blog Post Retweeted.


Finally for this week if you are wondering whether you are spending time on social media sites wisely read When Worth Your While Isn’t Worth Your While