Every year there are various lists of “Super Lawyers.” Here is the link to the TOP 50: 2014 WOMEN TEXAS SUPER LAWYERS – TOP LIST.


In my career I have been blessed to work with some really outstanding lawyers. So, I have ideas you can implement to keep getting better and take it to the next level.

Here is a list of what outstanding lawyers do to keep getting better:

  1. They are never content with their achievements and are always striving to get better.
  2. They focus on what they do not know and are willing to reinvent themselves if the situation requires it.
  3. They regularly do things that others do not enjoy doing.
  4. They are focused on the long term.
  5. They persist until they succeed.
  6. They are intrinsically motivated and do not get caught up in comparing themselves to others.
  7. They strive to become comfortable outside their comfort zone.
  8. They are comfortable under pressure.
  9. They have set and achieved hundreds of goals and have confidence they will achieve more.
  10. They focus on the process that produce the end results rather than the end results themselves.
  11. They know their health is essential to their success and make time to stay healthy.
  12. They are focused on their priorities (especially family) and do the most important things each and every day without getting distracted.
  13. They genuinely enjoy their clients and their work.
  14. They anticipate their clients’ and potential clients’ legal problems, create a solution and call them.
  15. They work at becoming both an outstanding lawyer and trusted advisor.
  16. They think optimistically and plan their non-billable time purposely.
  17. They have healthy paranoia, which causes them to focus more intently on adding value for their clients.
  18. They view everyone they meet as a potential client.
  19. They are always playing to win.
  20. They share credit and build their team as a result.
  21. They look for other work the firm can do that their clients will value.
  22. They help their associates succeed in their own right and are constantly rebuilding their team.
  23. They are willing to fail and they rebound from disappointments or setbacks.
  24. They are on the cutting edge of change, including technology changes.
  25. They are always seeking new ideas and feedback from coaches and mentors.

If you have more time and want to better understand the strengths of top women lawyers, take a look at Patricia Snyder‘s University of Pennsylvania article: Super Women Lawyers: A Study of Character Strengths.