If you read my recent post, Fast Forward: What Will You Be Doing in 2020?, you know that in October, Canadian law firm,  McCarthy Tétrault featured Seth Godin as a speaker at the firm’s annual retreat. 

When did I first learn about Seth Godin? I believe it was eight years ago when I read the November/December 2006 “Selling Power” magazine cover story: “How to Stand Out in Any Crowd.” Seth Godin wrote about marketing, change and work. I was fascinated by the article and shared his thoughts with many lawyers I was coaching at the time. 

In the article, I learned that Seth Godin likes to give things away and has built his career on it. I have long advocated that lawyers find things of value to give away. 

When Godin wrote his first book he offered a third of its contents online at no charge. He got 175,000 responses requesting the free third of the book. Most of the 175,000 who received the free third of the book clicked the link built into the page and bought it, making it a year long best seller. 

Whenever I write an article, I am anxious to give it away. When I give a presentation, I put the slides on slideshare.net. 

Later in the article, Godin talks about three kinds of people. I will put it in the context of clients:

  1. Clients who don’t need the services you or your firm offer
  2. Clients who need the services you or your firm offer, but are using another lawyer or firm. 
  3. Clients who are ignoring you. 

Seth Godin says you can’t market directly to the second and third group. “Instead, have them come to you.” How do you suppose you can get them to come to you? He suggests you have to create something “remarkable.”

I was unable to find a link to the Selling Power article, but I did find this link to a 2003 Fast Company article IN PRAISE OF THE PURPLE COW with plenty of tips you can use today.

What remarkable thing can each of you create that will get clients in those groups coming to you?