A lawyer I coach recently left a small firm to rejoin a 100 lawyer firm he had left 10 years ago. He believed his clients would greatly value that his firm would be able to handle a wide range of legal issues and would have the bench strength needed for larger matters.

Client_Lunch_Istock.jpgDuring a recent lunch with a group of clients, he was surprised to learn they were actually concerned about his new firm. Instead of seeing the value of full service and bench strength, those clients were concerned that the firm would charge higer rates.

He asked me how to respond. He never dreamed his clients would think 100 lawyers was a large firm. But, compared to the firm he left, it was certainly a larger firm.

I told him here is how I would respond:

Being a partner in ______ firm gives me the opportunity to provide you with the full service and bench strength advantages of a larger firm and the billing structure of a smaller firm.

He liked that answer. What do you think?