I am in Phoenix this week and at noon today I will be doing a presentation at the Phoenix/Mesa law firm Gibson Ferrin, PLC. To show you the power of Twitter, I met Scott Gibson on Twitter and today will be the first time we have ever met in person.

I will be blessed to have Phoenix lawyer, Lizzette Zubey, join me. I asked Lizzette to participate because she is a lawyer who put the most into our coaching program and got the most out of it. If you have a few minutes listen to my podcast interview with Lizzette to get the idea.

I thought of Lizzette, and many other lawyers who got the most of coaching, when I read How to Keep the Beginner’s Mind written by  Anthony Iannarino. He describes attending the National Speaker’s Association conference in Dallas and finding some very well known speakers sitting, like beginners, in workshops to learn even more. He says:

The masters never rest on their laurels. They know that as things change, there are new ideas and new discoveries. There are new methods for producing results, and there are new tools and technologies.

I find many lawyers get to the point where they feel there is nothing more to learn. That includes they have stopped learning about client development and do not use the new client development tools.

The lawyers I coach who get the most out of coaching don’t do that. I never did that. In my plan each year, I included specific things I wanted to learn to:

  1. Become a better lawyer
  2. Understand my clients’ businesses and industry
  3. Become better at client development
What have you decided you want to learn this year?