A lawyer I coached a couple of years ago called me to discuss a problem every lawyer wants to have.

Her client development efforts have paid off and now she is generating so much business that she has to be able to delegate work. She also mentioned that her clients expect her to work on their matters.

Clients hire lawyers first and foremost. Even when they say they are hiring a firm, they hire the firm because a particular lawyer, or a team, is there.

I wish I had a dollar for each time a client told me:

Cordell, we did not hire Jenkens and Gilchrist, we hired you.

My challenge was to convince great clients that the lawyers who worked for me were at least as good as me, if not better. As your practice grows, that will be your challenge also. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Hire and train highly motivated lawyers with good people skills.
  2. Have a junior lawyer sit in on important telephone calls.
  3. Bring a lawyer who is helping you to a client meeting and don’t bill for your time.
  4. If you conduct workshops or presentations, have a junior lawyer be a co-presenter.
  5. Put a younger lawyer in your client’s office (or, in my case a construction project) for a week at no charge.

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