I was recently asked what was my biggest “bang for the buck” client development activity. The answer was easy: Writing articles in construction industry publications.

Writing and speaking are key ways to build your profile. If you are writing you must create interest so that your potential clients and referral sources will actually read your article. Here are important questions you should ask yourself:

  • What topic? If your topic does not address a potential client problem, opportunity or impact of a change, you are wasting your time.
  • How long? Your clients do not have much time. I suggest one magazine page with two columns. That is about 675 words.
  • What is your title? This is important because if the title does not interest your potential readers, they will not read your article.
  • What should be in your opening paragraph? Don’t bury the lead. If your potential readers do not understand your point if your first paragraph they will not read further.
  • What should be in your closing paragraph? While you don’t want to give legal advice, you should give your readers the takeaway from your article.