A few years ago, I read the Copyblogger post: How to Create World-Class Content by Never “Writing” Again. There are many gems in the post, like:

You’re more detective than writer.

identify bus man.jpgWhat does that mean in the context of practicing law?

Suppose that a federal agency that impacted your clients’ industry went to Congress to seek legislation to “experiment” with something new, what would you do?

That is what happened in the transportation construction industry and being a detective allowed me to create content (articles, guides, presentations) that put me at the top of mind for contractors.

Here is a discussion on Special Experimental Project No. 14 – Innovative Contracting. As you will see it allowed:

State DOTs to evaluate non-traditional contracting techniques which are competitive in nature but do not fully comply with the requirements in Title 23 United State Code.

As you will also see what started as an “experiment” became common practice and remains so today. In the 90s I wrote articles, including: Design-build requires changes in law and Design-build: evaluation and award.

I did presentations on design-build and innovative contracting and I created a Design-Build Guide and an Innovative Contracting Guide.

Here is the bottom line take away for you:

I was not a brilliant lawyer, but I was insatiable about staying in front of anything that impacted my clients. You can do that also.

The quality of the articles, presentations and guides was not nearly as important as being the first lawyer to focus on the issue for the transportation construction industry. It will take you more time to do the research necessary to learn what to write about and what to speak on than it will to write the article or prepare the presentation.