If you haven’t already, you should read: Succeed: How We Can Reach Our Goals. It is a book that will give you insights and tips on how you can reach your goals.

If you are a regular reader, you know I have referenced Dr. Heidi Gran Halvorson’s writing several times in: Client Development: Change What You Think it Takes to SucceedWhy Some Potential Rainmakers are OverlookedA Top Success Tip: Set a Goal and Review ObstaclesAre you doing the 9 things successful lawyers do differently?, and 10 Things Successful Lawyers I Have Coached Do Differently.

Recently I shared with lawyers I coach a What Successful People Do Differently podcast interview, including the transcript. Several lawyers I coach found Dr. Halvorson’s podcast helpful.

Are you energized by your 2013 business plan? If not, consider this quote from the book:

Big-picture, why thinking about your goal is most helpful for getting you motivated and energized, focusing you on the rewards you can gain, and encouraging self-control and persistence. Nitty-gritty, what thinking will benefit you most when your goal involves doing something difficult or unfamiliar, focusing you on the practical details of getting the job done, and helping you to avoid procrastination.

Read that quote a couple of times. The essence is you have to do big picture “why” thinking to get yourself motivated and energized. Then you have got to do the nitty-gritty what thinking to take action to achieve your goals.

You will find many other great ideas in the book. As I have mentioned in previous blog posts, when I read a business book, I highlight what I believe applies to me and then print the highlights. If you have a Kindle or Kindle app for your iPad, you can highlight while you are reading and go to your Kindle page to collect what you have highlighted.

If you would like for me to recommend other books, share with me the topic that you want to learn.