Do you know the difference between “push” marketing and “pull” marketing?

Lawyers and law firms use “push” marketing when they:

  • Make cold calls
  • Ask potential clients for work
  • Subscribe to court filing services and forward law suit complaints filed against companies that are not clients
  • Email blast alerts sent to hundreds or thousands of email addresses of people who did not ask to be on a law firm’s list.

I believe lawyers and law firms use “push” marketing techniques because they are easier. You don’t have to get anyone’s permission to push something at them. “Pull” marketing is less direct and requires greater patience.

I do not remember ever using “push” marketing techniques. If I ever used them, they certainly were not successful.

Here is what I did when I practiced law. If you are are a regular reader, you know I wrote a monthly legal column for a Roads and Bridges magazine for 25 years. At the end of my column each month there was a paragraph in italics about me. I could write whatever I chose there. On occasions I wrote:

Cordell Parvin has written a Contractor’s Guide to Design Build Construction which may be downloaded from his website …..

That drove my potential clients to my website. I wanted potential clients to download my guide and let their construction industry colleagues know about the availability of the design build materials. For me to get potential clients to hire me, the materials they downloaded had to demonstrate I was THE EXPERT on the subject matter.

As you will see in this 2008 blog post: Push vs. Pull Marketing, “pull” marketing is:

Marketing activities that encourage your prospect to seek you out and find out whether you have something of value to offer them. Pull marketing activities build relationships and can include blogging, podcasting, article marketing and networking (both on and offline). Pull marketing uses the law of attraction, incorporating all the components of your personal brand to attract and retain these people as your biggest fans.

As you will also see in the blog post:

True pull marketing is based on us being visible where your ideal client hangs out and becoming part of their communities

If you are blogging, podcasting or using social media, you have many opportunities to “pull” potential clients to your valuable content that will demonstrate your expertise. Where are your potential clients hanging out? What content can you  make available pull your potential clients?