I see a lawyer about once a year. I don’t want to use his real name, so I will call him Sam. We spend only a few minutes together. But, in that short time, I learn from Sam all the wonderful things he has accomplished since the last time I saw him. He loves to talk about himself. In our short time together, he never asks what is going on in my life.

I thought of Sam recently when I read: 4 Ways To Make A Great First Impression. Jeff Haden tells the story of meeting a guy just like Sam at a bicycling event. When you read the story, you will think of a lawyer just like Sam and just like the CEO bicyclist.

As you will see, the CEO was saying that while he may not be the greatest bicyclist, in the real world, “he is the man.” I have met many extroverts like Sam and the CEO. I have never met one introvert who feels the need to talk about himself or herself. Instead, as Jeff Haden suggests, introverts ask great questions and listen.

So, this one is for those of you who think you are too introverted to do well at networking events.