On July 4, I read the Inc. Magazine list of 7 Companies Older Than America. I suspect these companies already have lawyers and even more likely do not need them. So those 7 companies might not be the best potential clients. What would be the best potential clients?

A couple of years ago I wrote: Are You and Your Firm Focusing on the Right Clients? In that post, I talked about Fortune’s Top Industries. I think it is also important to look at emerging industries.  Is your firm paying close attention to those? I think it is job 1 for finding clients with substantial growth potential.

Just recently I read: China promises support for 7 emerging industries. The seven industries include:

  1. Affordable housing and public works construction
  2. Environmental protection,
  3. Information technology,
  4. Biology,
  5. Advanced equipment manufacturing,
  6. New materials and
  7. New-energy vehicles,

Is anyone in your firming learning the Chinese language? Will these also be emerging industries in the US and Canada?

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What are you doing to stay on top of what industry sectors are growing? You might wonder how I happened to find these articles. It was really pretty easy. I get RSS feeds to Forbes Entrepreneurs,  Business Week-Small Business , CNN-Money Small Business in my iGoogle and Google Reader pages.