Several years ago there was a front page article in the Wall Street Journal about how Kohl’s department store was beating the socks off of J.C. Penney’s right in J.C. Penney’s Dallas backyard. The writer noted that the two retailers sold the same products to the same market.

Why was the newcomer, Kohl’s doing so much better? The writer concluded it was because it was easy for the purchaser to park at Kohl’s, find what she was looking for and be finished in a short time. At Penney’s, the shopper had to park in a large mall parking lot and, frequently, advertised sale items were nowhere to be found. It was a struggle to shop at Penney’s.

So, what is the take away for you from my story? Your firm needs to focus on delivering your services in ways that best meet your client’s needs. If customers do not like to park in large mall parking lots, just imagine how clients feel about coming downtown and parking in the parking lot servicing your building.

Is it easy for a client to do business with you?