I have an “about” page on my blog. Have you ever looked at it? I included it because the blog designers said I should have one.

I also have an “about” page on my website. I suspect that the only thing people who go to that page get out of it is wondering how a guy like me could possibly attract such a beautiful woman and marry her.

I don’t think you care very much about my “about” pages and I don’t think your potential clients care about your “about” page. I am sure you keep statistics. How many hits do you even have for your “about” page.

I just went to a well-known law firm’s webpage. They have a page called “About Us.” I clicked on it and read the first sentence:

At, XYZ law firm, we take a contextual approach to our clients’ business needs and legal issues.

When I read it, I concluded that a Marketing/PR guru had written it. While I understood what the writer meant by “contextual,” I think I would have written it differently.

Here are the problems I see with about pages. They essentially say:

  • Hire us because you should believe what we tell you about us.
  • Hire us because we have been in business a long time.
  • Hire us because we are a big firm.
  • Hire us because we have lots of offices.
  • Hire us because our lawyers are really smart.
  • Hire us because we take a “contextual” approach.

Those about pages focus on the firm, not on the clients. To me, clients might easily interpret most about pages as essentially saying:

  • Hire us because the economy really sucks and we need clients like you who can afford to pay our rates.

I am not sure any law firm has ever done it, but I wonder if it wouldn’t make sense to have a page called: “About You?” I ask the question because clients and potential clients care about themselves and really do not care about you.

You are not the Marketing/PR guru who writes your about page, so I realize what you might write would not have the Marketing/PR lingo. But, just wondering:

What would be your opening paragraph of an “About You” page?