As you may know, at noon CST today, I will show law firms why and how to set up their own client development coaching program. There are still just a few telephone lines available, so if you are interested contact this morning.

A few months ago I posted: What Kind of Client Development Efforts Suit You Best? I included links to StrengthsFinder 2.0 and the StrengthsFinder test.

My friend and colleague Cindy Pladziewicz is both a psychologist and a lawyer. If you are a regular reader you know that Cindy introduced me to StrengthsFinder and now she has a StrengthsFinder session with many lawyers I coach. She wrote: Want to develop a great business plan? Play to your strengths. Cindy has done StrengthsFinder coaching for lawyers, professional staff members in law firms and for corporate personnel.

In the Webinar today, Cindy will share with participants how we use StrengthsFinder results to work help give the lawyers I coach their best path for client development.

Kristi Sebalj is a lawyer I coached who also co-authored Rising Star: The Making of a Rainmaker. Kristi found her StrengthsFinder session very helpful, so I asked her to share her experience with you. Here is what Kristi said:

With the results of my test in hand, Cindy took the time to walk me through the implications, positive, negative and otherwise of my 5 strengths.

The “Aha” moments flowed from there. It gave me a better (or perhaps more accurately the first REAL) understanding of who I am, why I think and act the way I do and perhaps most importantly, how I can best take this newfound knowledge about myself and use it to move forward in my career and be happier doing it.

Cindy helped me realize that playing on my strengths is a MUCH more productive exercise than trying to overcome my weaknesses. I left our session feeling inspired and motivated – but more than that – equipped with the tools to make positive change happen for me, my clients and my future.

Do your senior associates and young partners know their strengths?