Are you a 1-3 year law firm associate? If not, share this with those 1-3 year associates whom you think will find the advice valuable.

  1. Do the best work possible-Each and every day become the best lawyer you can be.
  2. Treat your supervising attorney as your client-For now he or she is your client. Get to know what they want, what they need and find ways to exceed their expectations.
  3. Start your client development efforts now.
  4. Be focused and stay in touch with your contacts.
  5. Read magazines/books to become more successful. I have a reading list if you are interested. The lawyers I coach read a chapter or section of a book and share with me how they can apply the points.
  6. Create a Development or Business Plan-I have templates to get you started. The templates are simply meant to enable you to think about what is important to you.
  7. Team up with a colleague-Having a fitness partner makes it more likely you will show up at the workout facility. Having a colleague makes it more likely you will work on client development activities.
  8. Keep a journal of your own development and your client development activities.
  9. Set up pages on news and business news (I use Flipboard and Zite on my iPad) and set up Google Alerts on each of your clients and their industries. This will enable you to see what is out there that will impact your clients.
  10. Practice, practice, practice-public speaking, writing articles/blog posts, asking questions at networking events.