Is your law firm on Twitter?  I find that many large firms are on Twitter, but fewer small and medium firms.

You likely think that none of the CEOs or GCs of your clients are on Twitter, so why should you be. I also questioned the value of Twitter in a blog I posted a few years ago.

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The reason your firm should be on Twitter is simple:

It takes very little time or expense to get content created by your lawyers out to people who might actually value receiving it. If you are doing email blast alerts and sending email notifications of firm programs and presentations, consider using Twitter as a tool.

If you are a  law firm leader or marketing director, consider using Twitter to provide links to the following:

  • Client Alerts
  • Recruiting
  • Articles written by your lawyers
  • Blog posts by lawyers
  • Firm or individual lawyer podcasts
  • Invitations to programs and CLEs
  • Content from programs
  • Links to recordings of Webinars
  • Lawyer successes
  • Firm announcements
  • Firm community and civic activities

If you think about it, you can likely come up with ideas I have missed.

If I convince you to put your firm on Twitter, what should you do next?

  1. First, develop a plan to get your clients, potential clients, influencers and referral sources to follow you on Twitter. I recommend your plan include a link to Twitter on your firm webpage and on each firm blog site.
  2. Next, let clients and referral sources know you are on Twitter.
  3. Finally, if your younger lawyers are game, have them notify their friends on Facebook and other social networking sites that your firm is on Twitter.

Final thought:

Do not use Twitter as a tool to “sell” your firm. Instead, use it as a tool to provide valuable information to clients and friends who will see the value of what you are giving them.

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