Have you ever heard the phrase “unique selling proposition?” If not, read the Wikipedia discussion here.

Each lawyer I coach has some kind of unique selling proposition. So do you. Have you figured out what makes you unique? Are you taking advantage of it? If not, start now.

Let me make the point by telling you a story about car rental companies. Which car rental company do you suppose is the most successful? Hertz? Avis?

enterprise logo.jpg

A few years ago I read a summary of the book: Exceeding Customer Expectations: What Enterprise, America’s #1 car rental company, can teach you about creating lifetime customers.  According to author Kirk Kazanjian, Enterprise Rent-A-Car has become a $9 billion global powerhouse, buying more new cars each year than any other company in the world. How have they done it?

Kazanjian points to the company’s focus on exceeding customer expectations and hiring top people and giving them incentives to provide extraordinary service.  That focus has led not only to high profits, but also led to Enterprise becoming one of the highest ranked companies in the world for customer service, financial stability and growth, employee retention and innovation.

Is your firm exceeding your clients’ expectations? Are your lawyers and staff rewarded in part based on their client service and teamwork? Are your leaders focused on these things?

What else has Enterprise done? The company has for years differentiated itself from its competitors. Its unique selling proposition and branding slogan is: “Pick Enterprise. We’ll Pick You Up.”

Hertz, Avis and others focus on airports and travelers. Enterprise focuses on local customers.  Instead of trying to compete against the airport car rental companies Enterprise created its own niche and became the dominant player.

If you want your law practice or law firm to be more successful, think about the answers to these questions: Can you create your own niche? What is your unique selling proposition? How can you effectively let potential clients know what makes you unique and become more valuable to them?