You are marketing pretty much all the time.

That doesn’t mean you are “selling” all the time, but you are constantly making an impression and people are constantly making judgments about you. While making an impression, you can share your ideas. As Seth Godin once wrote:

Marketing is about spreading ideas, and spreading ideas is the single most important output of our civilization.

I want to provide you 25 examples of when you are marketing that you may easily miss.

You are marketing, when:

  1. When you decide what to wear to work.
  2. When you decide what business publications to read.
  3. When you send an email.
  4. When you are with a friend.
  5. When you post anything on social media.
  6. When you read the news.
  7. When you decide who to follow on Twitter or who to link with on LinkedIn.
  8. When you set up Google alerts.
  9. When you are a passenger on an airplane or train.
  10. When you attend your child’s soccer game, swim meet or ballet recital.
  11. When you attend parent’s night at your child’s school.
  12. When you attend church.
  13. When you attend a wedding or other event.
  14. When you attend a sporting event, concert or symphony.
  15. When you are involved in your favorite charity or community activity.
  16. When your firm sets your hourly rate.
  17. When you start work on a new matter and set expectations.
  18. When you are responsive or non-responsive.
  19. When you send your client anything you have written.
  20. When you send a client your bill.
  21. When your client questions a bill.
  22. When you speak with your client’s staff.
  23. When you decide on a holiday gift or card.
  24. When you send a handwritten note.
  25. When you do something nice with no expectation of anything in return.

One final thing to keep in mind: You never know where or when you will meet your next client.