Hunting is really a big deal in Texas. Many Texas firms entertain clients by taking them hunting.
Daryl is a lawyer and friend I am coaching who is a partner in a Texas firm.  Daryl’s firm has an annual Dove Hunt for clients and members of the firm.
Daryl has been handling a complex case for a national company which is headquartered in Texas. He has gotten to know the CFO and a Senior Vice President very well, so he invited them to the firm’s Dove hunt in October. One of the invited guests had a conflict, but he advised Daryl that the company CEO enjoyed hunting even more.
Daryl sent the CEO an email inviting him to the Dove Hunt. The CEO replied that he would love to participate but he had promised his son he would take him hunting the first weekend of Bow Deer Hunting season. Daryl thought about just replying and saying “maybe you can join us next year.” Before he sent the email, Daryl decided to pull up the Texas Department of Wildlife website to find the actual beginning date for the Bow Deer Hunting season. Daryl told me it took only a couple of minutes to do this research. He learned there was no conflict and sent an email to the CEO telling him.
As MasterCard might phrase it, the reply from the CEO was “priceless.” He said: “I love it when my attorney has the hunting season dates memorized.”