When I speak to lawyers about their career and life, I tell them it begins with understanding their purpose (why are they practicing law), vision (what do they want to become) and their core values (how do they want to live their lives).

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For some, looking inward can be too “touchy-feely.” I hope that is not true for you.

I recently read: You Are The Message Make It Meaningful. Lolly Daskal began: 

Everything, it seems, is changing: business, politics, communication, even the climate. But who you are should be a constant. If you want to attain the things you want, you must first know what is your message.

I liked this post because it confirmed how I have built my career and lived my life and what I have taught others.I have had a sense of career purpose and life purpose.

  • I practiced law to assist and enable my construction contractors to successfully and profitably build magnificent projects.
  • My life purpose has been to teach and nurture others.

I have always prepared written goals and I have planned my career and life based on my priorities, including being a good father and husband.

I encourage you to look inside first to become more successful and fulfilled outside. What is your career purpose? What is your life purpose?