Why Should I Recommend You?

I want you to pretend for the moment that I can refer business to you. I want you to provide me with the information I need to recommend you to a potential client.

In 25 words or less tell me about you, your practice, what makes you unique and why a client should hire you.

How to Stand Out in Any Crowd

A few years ago I read Selling Power article: How to Stand Out in Any Crowd. Seth Godin talks about marketing, change and work. I was fascinated by the article and applied some of Godin’s points myself.

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Godin talks about three kinds of people. I will put it in the context of clients:

  1. Clients who don’t need the services you or your firm offer.
  2. Clients who need the services you or your firm offer, but are using another lawyer or firm.
  3. Clients who are ignoring you.

Godin says you can’t market directly to the second and third group. “Instead, have them come to you.” How do you suppose you can get them to come to you? Godin suggests you have to create something “remarkable.”

I tell young lawyers that I owe a great deal of my success to one sales principle. I frequently created something remarkable, was first to market and I gave it away.

I urge you to implement some of the ideas and let me know how they work for you. I also urge you to subscribe to Seth Godin’s blog and Selling Power magazine. I believe both will help you become more valuable and connect with current and potential clients.