In my June 29, 2009 blog titled: Marketing Secret: Identify a Problem, Create a Solution and Give it Away. I suggested that you can become more visible and credible to your target market by this approach. Then in August I reported on The Debate Raging Over Free. I have been repeatedly asked if I was ever concerned about other lawyers stealing my materials. I never worried about it and neither should you.

I have been fortunate to work with several lawyers who have created “Guides” for their target market. Here are several examples:

How To Be a Privacy Hero (And Save Your Business or Job in the Process) Privacy Desk Reference Author: Mark G. McCreary

Gaming Manufacturers’ and Suppliers’ Desk Reference for Obtaining Licenses in the Northeast Author: Marie J. Jones

10 Workplace Agreements Employers Can Use to Protect Their Business — Are You Protected? Author: John D. Horowitz

A Guide to Every Day Risk Avoidance Techniques and How to Address a Customer Complaint Author: Joshua Horn

The Commercial Landlord’s Bankruptcy Desk Reference Author: L. Jason Cornell

Multiemployer Withdrawal Liability: Understanding the Basics Author: Keith R. McMurdy

Buying Distressed Assets Guide Author: Matthew Sanderson

Employee Termination Guide Authors: Cleve Clinton and Brent Dyer

A more recent trend is to make the guide an e-book. As the name implies they are books downloadable from the Internet. They are typically done in landscape rather than portrait and they have visuals in them. Here are a couple of examples:

Strategy for Your Career and Your Life Author: Cordell Parvin 

Ten Fatal Mistakes that Business Owners Make Author: Scott Gibson


Doing Business in California: A Guide for the Out-of-State Employer Author: Alexander Hernaez

I just created a new guide on client development Client Development in a Nutshell. Take a look it has ideas you can implement.

 What problems is your target market wrestling with? What solutions can you offer and give away?

How can you get your guide or e-book in the hands of your clients, potential clients and referral sources?