My blog post yesterday Marketing Secret: Create a Guide or E-Book, focused on a way of becoming visible to potential clients who do not know you.

My post today focuses on ways to solidify your relationship with your clients.  I think of the best ways is to offer to do an in-house workshop for a client. For construction contractors it was always easy to come up with a topic. I did programs on contract administration, negotiation, design-build, ethics and compliance and a variety of other topics.

Here is a second marketing secret: Instead of doing a workshop for a seminar company, do it for specific targeted potential clients. I remember getting roped in to do a workshop for a seminar company. They took care of all the logistics and sold the seminar. They told me it would be a great marketing opportunity for me. I spent many hours getting my 1/2 day program put together. When I arrived at the seminar facility I discovered that the attendees were either with companies that could not afford my rates or were not the decision makers in companies that could afford my rates.

After that awful waste of time I offered to do workshops for clients for whom I had not recently worked and friends I had met at industry meetings. That really worked well because I re-connected with my old clients and because my workshop covered a timely topic, I was able to get work from those clients.

If the kind of work you do lends itself to teaching your clients, I urge you to do workshops. If you do them, make sure they are interactive and that participants are learning by doing.