I don’t spend a lot of time looking at the Google Analytics on my blog. But, I like to see at the end of the year, what were the most viewed pages during the year.

This year, interestingly, some posts from earlier years were most viewed in 2015, including the Number 1 most viewed. I assume it was most viewed because I share it with lawyers creating a business plan.

Top 10 winner 3d symbol isolated

So, here are the Top 10 for 2015:

  1. Want an Example of a Really Good Business Plan? This 2011 post includes a completed business plan using the template I share with lawyers I coach. If you are preparing a plan for 2016, you will find this post valuable.
  2. Law Firms: 21 Ideas to Improve Client Service. This February 2015 post focuses on client service. I understand why this would be in the Top 10 as clients continue to express dissatisfaction on client service.
  3. 2015 Planning: Organize into Categories of Your Life. This was an updated post by Dallas Lawyer Tricia Deleon on how she creates her personal plan.
  4. More Poetry I Like: Take Time To… Interesting, this one is a poem. During the year I asked readers to send me their favorite poems. I published those references I received and this is one of them.
  5. What Would Law Firms be Like if They Were Led by Women? Each year more women lead law firms. I predicted it would continue and increase. In this post I had done some research on the different leadership styles of men and women.
  6. Are You Pursuing Excellence or Success? In this 2014 post I focused on what separated the lawyers I have coached who I believed to be pursuing excellence rather than success.
  7. 50 Topics for Client Development Discussions in Your Firm. This January post was designed to give firms/coaching groups ideas on client development they might discuss at weekly lunches.
  8. 12 Tips on How to Succeed as a Law Firm Associate . This was a February guest post by Chicago lP lawyer Richard Beem.
  9. Want to Get Energized in 2011? Go Speak at a Grade School Career Day. This was a December 2010 post about my experiences speaking at Grade School Career Days. This year I am mentoring a 4th grade student at our local grade school. I love the experience, in part because he is eager to learn.
  10. Client Development: 25 Incredibly Important Tools for Your Tool Kit. The principles of client development have not changed at least since I started practicing law. But, the tools to implement those principles are changing every day. Here are 25 I identified in a June post.