Recently I read a Selling Power Magazine article The New Normal. I was drawn to the article because it featured Seth Godin’s ideas. If you are not subscribing to his blog, you should be. In the article he talks about the old formula for success and how the economy and job conditions has permanently changed the formula.

That same day I saw an ABA Journal Article BigLaw Partner Cuts Aren’t Over, Survey Finds. My initial thought is how many of those BigLaw partners had bought into the old formula for success and missed the permanent change taking place in the last decade.

Under the old formula, you:

  1. Billed lots of hours
  2. Got a Martindale AV rating
  3. Worked for loyal institutional clients
  4. Did not make waves
  5. Were told not to worry about client development
  6. Made partner even if you had no clients
  7. Worked at your firm until you retired

Seth Godin says the new rules are:

Be remarkable. Be generous. Create art. Make judgment calls. Connect people and ideas.

What are the new rules for lawyers? At the risk of repeating what I have written here before, here goes. You must:

  1. Narrow your market of potential clients and become visible and credible to them
  2. Know your clients’ industry, business and the client representative’s special needs
  3. Get out from under the senior partner’s shadow
  4. Anticipate client problems, opportunities and changes before other lawyers and even before the client
  5. Figure out “remarkable” solutions and give them away in articles, blogs, presentations, webinars, podcasts etc.
  6. Connect with referral sources and weak tie connections and help them succeed
  7. Make your clients your friends and your friends your clients
  8. Leave your desk and spend more quality time with your clients
  9. Provide extraordinary service