Are you a young lawyer? If not, you are bound to either have young lawyers in your firm or know young lawyers in your community. Here is a very simple client development tip for young lawyers:

Make a list of 50 people you know who either are, or will one day be rich, famous, own a company, run a company, or be an in-house general counsel. Find a way to regularly stay in touch with each person on your list and stay at or near the top of their mind.

Who could be on the list:

  • Law School classmates
  • College classmates
  • High School classmates
  • Your parents friends
  • Your spouse/special friend’s friends
  • Firm alumni
  • People you meet at the workout facility
  • People you meet at church
  • People you are connected with on LinkedIn
How do you stay in touch? If they are in your same city meet with them in person for lunch, breakfast, coffee,  or pursuing some interest you share in common. If they are in a different city, stay in touch on LinkedIn and/or Facebook as appropriate, forward them materials you know will interest them, go visit or simply pick up the telephone and call them.