I have written before about the importance of developing self confidence. I know from my own career because I faced fear and lack of confidence on more than one occasion.

Now, I have watched lawyers I coach experience a breakout success in client development when they accomplish something challenging and outside their comfort zone. Those readers I have coached know what that major breakthrough was for them.

I want to share two examples that are outside law practice. At the outset, I want you to know that I would have never watched Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition, but I was bored and flipping channels in my Toronto hotel room on a Sunday night a couple of weeks ago. Even being bored and flipping channels, I still would not have watched had I known the show was on for TWO hours.

But, I started watching the story about Jacqui McCoy, the young wife who weighed 355 pounds at the beginning of her year of training and eating healthy and ended the year weighing 148 pounds. I continued watching  for two reasons:

  1. I knew I could learn something about coaching and motivation watching how Trainer Chris Powell pushed Jacqui and did not let her give up. read Motivation Tips from Celebrity Trainer Chris Powell to get some motivation his motivation secrets.
  2. I could see the transformation in Jacqui’s eyes and face as she realized she could actually accomplish what she had never been able to do before,

You do not need to watch the entire show, but if you just watch this video clip, you will see a confident young woman. You can also read about Jacqui.


My second example comes from reading: What Climbing a Mountain Taught Me About Confidence by Jen Waak. I enjoyed reading the story, but one quote made the point with me. Jen said:

By accomplishing something that was squarely outside of my belief system of who I was, my belief system had no choice but to change – radically.

That quote really applied to both Jen and Jacqui. Both changed their belief systems-radically.

You are not an extreme makeover weight loss candidate and you will not likely climb a 19,000 foot mountain, but, there is bound to be an audacious goal you can accomplish in your law practice that will change your belief system-radically. What is your 19,000 f00t summit of Kilimanjaro?