My friend, Fox Rothschild partner, Mike Maransky recently shared with me that he had recently seen Seth Godin live in New York City. I asked Mike to share his thoughts on the experience.

I knew my 36 hour boondoggle at Seth Godin’s live New York City event last week was going to be special when our group of 3 travelers from Philly randomly bumped into another member of our dinner party on the New York City subway. What are the chances of that happening?

Well, special it was:  A very good friend of mine was kind enough to purchase a six-pack of tickets to Seth’s live NYC event and invite me along. Ever since Cordell turned me on to Seth Godin a couple of years ago, I’ve been a fan. His is one of two blogs I read religiously (you can guess the other☺).

As you would expect with Seth, the event was remarkable – a real purple cow. It began with an awesome performance by the Spirit Family Reunion, included sushi for lunch, another live music performance post-lunch, several half hour riffs by Seth, an appearance from a juggler and lots and lots of Q&A with Seth and the audience.

The audience of about 800 or so included CEOs, professionals, entrepreneurs, educators, heads of non-for-profits and even “My Name is Scott” Ginsberg – the guy who made himself famous by wearing a name tag everywhere. Guess what? All of these people face the same obstacles that lawyers face in moving our practices forward. And, the obstacles are ones we create, not ones built by our firms or partners.

Here are my take aways:

  • Don’t let what Seth calls “The Resistance” prevent you from beginning your next great business development project. Stop thinking about it and planning it. Just do the work.
  • Ship It. Many lawyers spend hours trying to write the perfect Will or brief. Don’t let this quest for perfection in your practice seep into and overtake you in your business development efforts. Seth pointed out more than once that the article you write or the presentation you give today will not be as good as the one you give 5 years from now. Art (i.e., your article or speech) cannot be perfect, so don’t worry about mistakes or failing. In fact, the reason people watch jugglers is to see them fail. Just Ship It.

If you ever have the opportunity to see Seth Godin live, seize it. And, I strongly recommend going with a group of non-lawyers. It’s great to share the experience with friends or business associates and see what others in different occupations learn from him.