Every potential rainmaker wants clients, prospective clients, and people who can refer business to us to become evangelists for us.

I first heard the term “remarkable” when I read a Seth Godin article. He explains in a blog post from 2007 titled: How to be remarkable. I urge you to click on it and learn how to be remarkable.

When I was a young lawyer it was easier to be remarkable. There were fewer lawyers and most businesses were owned locally. There were no firm websites, no email, and clients were not inundated with lawyers trying to get their business. Lawyers developed business by doing good work, being active in their community, and obtaining an AV Martindale Hubbell rating.

In 2019, it is far more difficult. The number of lawyers has mushroomed, law firms are bigger, clients have consolidated and moved, and clients are challenged to see differences between one lawyer or law firm and another.

Over many years, I encouraged lawyers I coached to focus on what made them unique and what they could create that their potential clients would find uniquely valuable.

I owe my client development success to creating booklets, workshops and other materials that clients, potential clients, and people who referred business found to be remarkable. What is most important is why they found what I created to be remarkable. It was because it addressed an important issue many potential clients were not even aware existed.

Many lawyers I coached became extremely successful when they figured out how they were unique and different. They became valuable and remarkable to their clients and potential clients.

In a crowded legal market, what are the issues your clients and potential clients may face going forward?