I love music. I’ve written about it many times here.

I write about it more than some other things because the lyrics of songs or the melodies inspire me.

Years ago when I first had an iPod I listened to Tina Turner, or John Denver or the Beach Boys before giving a presentation. Why? I was energized by the music and the beat. I worked out while listening for the same reason.

I have been working on a novel about a Mexican American woman lawyer who grew up in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.

That rekindled my interest in Selena. By any chance did you see the movie about her?

Living in Texas, I thought the point her father made was right on point.

Screen Shot 2016-02-06 at 8.44.23 AM

She was called the “Queen of Tejano (Tex Mex) music” and the “Tejano Madonna.”

Recently I listened again to her final concert at the Houston Astrodome. Her first top hit and the last song she sang in public at that concert was Como la flor

Why should you care the least about Selena? What can you learn from her?

I recently read: 4 Things Selena Quintanilla Taught Me About Being Mexican-American.   

If the subject interests you there’s more to read. Just do a Google search.

Other than my love for the music, here’s the bottom line for you. To attract clients.

You have to be a better lawyer than any other lawyer (that’s like the American part of Selena).

You have to know more about your client’s business than any other lawyer ( that’s like the Mexican part of Selena.)

If you have never appreciated or enjoyed Selena’s music, watch the entirety of her last concert here.

Watch, if for no other reason to see how Selena connects with her audience. It’s pretty amazing.