Lately I have enjoyed coaching lawyers from different parts of the country who have come to Dallas on Friday for individual coaching, dinner and a group teaching session on Saturday. I would love to start another group. If you are interested in participating, let me hear from you. If you are not able to participate, I will share with you how you might create your own client development program without a coach.

Dal Coach Meeting.jpgOne goal of coaching is to make client development a habit. If it is not a habit of yours, you will want to put in place methods that will cause you to be accountable.

When you get your group of lawyers, together, set a group goal and decide on 25 action items to achieve your group goal. Then have each member of your coaching group set goals and prepare a plan to achieve them. Members of your group should share their plans with the other members of your group.

Each month, the members of your coaching group should report on what they have done that month. Create a document with the photo of each person in the group and his or her report by the photo and distribute the document to group members.

There is a psychological method in this madness. Studies show that when you set goals, write them down, establish a date to complete them and share them with another person, you are more likely to actually do what it takes to achieve the goals. You do so in part because you want your actions to be consistent with the commitments you have made. This principle is most powerful when you create the commitment yourself rather than having a senior lawyer dictate the commitment to you.

The lawyers in your group should also make the commitment to themselves and to other members of your group. That commitment will help each lawyer hold himself or herself accountable. The principle is also more powerful because of the commitment to a team goal and team action items. The lawyers in your coaching group will not want to let the team down.

To get started begin by assessing where you are right now. Here is a coaching video with questions to help you do that.

If you can find lawyers who share your passion for client development, I urge you to put a group program together. If you can’t find a group and can come to Dallas, I look forward to working with you.