In this 8:26 video Seth Godin will tell you how to build your law practice and become more valuable to your existing clients. You must develop ideas (solutions to potential clients’s problems) that spread.

When you are blogging, writing, speaking to and for potential clients ask yourself:

Who cares?

How can you reach potential clients who don’t know who you are or clients who don’t believe they have a problem you can solve? A great way to reach them is by finding a “sticky topic.” If your sticky topic is one your potential clients haven’t considered, that is even better.

When I practiced law, I tried to actually “create a market” for my legal services. When I did this well, my ideas spread rapidly and potential clients who did not know me all of a sudden knew me and my interest in their business.

I have shared examples with you before. I wrote: Client Development: Identify a Problem and Offer a Solution and discussed how I identified Design-Build as both a potential problem and opportunity for contractors. I created a guide and gave workshops across the country to help spread the idea.

Can you create a market by anticipating what your potential clients will be facing and offering a solution?