Barney Adams has written a book titled: “The Wow Factor: How I Turned One Idea and My Unbridled Enthusiasm into a Golf Revolution. ” Golfers probably recognize his name from Adams “Tight Lies” one of the best selling golf clubs in history.

I especially like what Barney Adams said to Success Magazine during an interview: Success Stories: Barney Adams:

In the first place, I think everybody is in the service business. You have to define what service that product provides the customers. My job was to improve the flight of the golf ball when you hit it.

His success came in part from the realization that he was not designing and selling golf clubs. Instead he was helping golfers with better ball flight. After creating Tight Lies, Adams Golf went from being virtually unknown to the Inc. “500 Fastest-Growing Small Companies” list. It also led to the largest IPO in the history of the golf industry. Then in 2012 TaylorMade acquired Adams Golf. Adidas-owned TaylorMade buys Adams Golf for $70M.

Ok, what lessons can you learn from Barney Adams?

  • Barney Adams followed his dream-his passion.
  • Because of his passion and intense desire, he did not quit when he did not achieve his dream right away.
  • He became successful in part because he realized he was not selling golf clubs (for us legal services). Instead, he was helping golfers (in our case clients) with better golf flight (in our case achieve their goals).
  • There was a little luck in becoming successful. He went to work creating custom clubs at Hank Haney’s golf facility. It was at that facility that he got the idea for Tight Lies.