On Friday, I had a three hour coaching session with Shawn Tuma. I particularly enjoy working with Shawn because he has the burning desire to become the best lawyer he can be and he is open to ideas. After our session, Shawn posted a blog: Are you like Clark Griswold or Ray Lewis? In describing his previous client development efforts, Shawn included the famous dialogue from the Christmas Vacation movie:

“He worked really hard, Grandma.”
“So do washing machines.”

When you read Shawn’s post, you will see that just working hard at client development is not enough. I encouraged him to become more focused. After he figured out what he wants to accomplish and why it is important to him, I told him that breaking down goals and actions into smaller components is essential. Each lawyer I coach, including Shawn, creates 90 days plans. You should try it also. Here are steps to follow:

Calendar time pass istock.jpg

  1. What one thing do you want to learn in the next 90 days?
  2. What one book would you like to read in the next 90 days? (Tell me a subject and I will suggest one for you).
  3. Make a list of client development activities you want to do the next 90 days (e.g. go to lunch once a week with a client/referral source, write an article on… attend …industry meeting)
  4. Prioritize your list.
  5. Email your list to me or share it with a close friend or family member.
  6. Each 30 days report on what you did the last 30 days and your plan for the next 30 days.
  7. Each week on Sunday list what you plan to do next week, estimate the time it will take and put on your calendar when you plan to do it.

I hope through reading about Shawn’s coaching experience you will feel like you had one of your own.